Dwelling in the Truth -Why Diets Don't Work.

Few topics get as much attention as weight loss these days. The isolation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the struggle for most men. I have found that being stuck at home has made it so much harder to maintain the fitness level that I would prefer to.

As a group, we men have become larger and more miserable over the last several decades. The CDC indicates that over 40% of American men are in the obese category.

What the fuck, gentleman?

There is no way that you can meet the demands of your calling in this condition. You just can't. The good news is that you got yourself into this mess, and you get yourself out.

'But, I am so busy.'

Really? What are you doing right now? Don't get me wrong; I love that you're reading this, but we both know that you're not as busy as you claim.

'I better get on a diet.'

I believe that diets rarely work because they don't represent the truth about why a person can't lose weight, "maybe I'm eating too much fat, fat is the problem," they'll say. So, they go on a low-fat diet. When that doesn't work, a few years later, they look for something else "this quack with a book deal says I'm eating too many carbs, carbs are making me fat," that's it. So they go on a low-carb diet, a low meat diet, or any number of absurd diet plans. Did you ever see that documentary 'Supersize Me'? This guy ate ONLY fast food for a month and lost weight. Why don't you try that?

Repeat after me:

I eat too much, and I move too little.

But Matt, it's not that simple; nutrition isn't that simple. It's a complex science.

Now, suddenly, you're a scientist?

Stop pretending, and do the work!


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