Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

Why I am always slightly overdressed.

I'm the same height I was when I was in the sixth grade. Just stopped growing I guess. I spent a lot of years working through all of the insecurities, and self-limiting beliefs that came with being a short guy. For the most part, I'm over it, but it's always challenging to find clothes that look good on me. For years, I phoned in my wardrobe, sticking to staples like baggie cargo-pants, and oversized t-shirts. Sometimes, I'd spice it up with a flannel, or a ball cap.

I just didn't give a shit.

But, here's what I have learned: If you look like you don't give a shit, people are going to assume that you don't give a shit, about anything. When a man dresses well, people notice. It says that he gives a shit, about details, about presentation, and most importantly, about himself. The effort a man puts into something like his appearance is often a reflection of the effort he puts into everything else. Nothing looks sloppier than ill-fitting clothes. Nothing says 'I'm ignorant and lazy' like an oversized, torn, or stained t-shirt with an obscene statement or picture on it.

The Knowledge Gap

Now, nothing turns heads quite like a well-tailored suit, James Bond taught us that. The problem is, unless you're 007, it's just not practical to wear a suit everywhere. So, between oil-stained 'Tapout' t-shirts and three-piece suits, is a pretty broad knowledge gap.

In an effort to close that gap, this series will focus on insights about men's style, fashion, and etiquette, which, for us recovering Neanderthals, is a fancy word for 'how to behave.' Look for a new one each week, on Saturday evening.

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