The Gift of Attitude

One of the things I try to teach those that I have the privilege of working with is the impact attitude can have on any situation in which we find ourselves.

Like so many others, I was asked to rapidly adjust fire and switch to virtual work a year ago. I was initially frustrated and reluctant, having developed a comfort level in my life and the way I make a living - change is generally hard for humans, and I am no exception. I begrudgingly packed up my laptop and some essentials from my office, and I went home, planning to return in a few weeks. A year later, I'm still here at home, and I'm not sure when, or even if, I'll head back to the office full time.

The truth is, whatever happens, I wouldn't trade this last year for anything. You see, I have also been home with my daughters, who weren't in school. Attitude matters, so for them, I am always committed to staying positive and 'making the best of things.'

I would never have guessed what a powerful gift this year would be:

-We had lunch together every day for nearly six months.

-We took walks around the neighborhood during lunch and talked about everything and nothing.

-We played frisbee golf, soccer, and I taught them to play chess.

-I shared with them my love for old-school comics and Saturday morning cartoons.

-We watched 'Duck-Tales,' 'Looney Tunes', and the original 'X-men' animated series.

-I taught them about photography.

-I taught them about the importance of mindfulness, healthy living, and having unconditional love for themselves.

-We sang Karaoke - Merle Haggard, Nirvana, Taylor Swift, and everything in-between.

-When it looked like I'd be home longer than initially planned, they helped me paint and redecorate my office. They even made art for me.

-I told them stories about my childhood, my time in the service, and how I met their mother.

But mostly, we just laughed and laughed every day.

Today, I am closer to my kids than I have ever been. More connected with them than I ever could have hoped to be going to and fro each day.

They're back in school now, which is essential for them, but on nice days I miss them. It's quiet at lunchtime, and it's just the dog and me on a walk. Still, I love that I'm the first face they see when they get home from school, excited to laugh with me about what happened today.

Attitude is everything!


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