The 'No-Comfort' Zone

It's been said by smarter guys than me, that "There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone. Frankly, life is pretty good for most of us, relative to the caveman days. These days, it’s pretty rare for us to be forced into a truly uncomfortable situation.

That’s a real problem, because comfort is the antithesis of growth. It's also why, I believe, so many men are stuck, or even drowning. Every time I have made progress in my life, it was because I embraced discomfort.

  • I ran a little faster than was comfortable.

  • I lifted a little but more weight than was comfortable.

  • I tried something new, even though it was uncomfortable.

  • I gave voice to uncomfortable emotions.

  • I had an uncomfortable conversation.

Don’t be an idiot. There are plenty of stupid and dangerous ways to find discomfort, that will not help you grow.

With that, today I am stepping out of my own comfort zone, and launching this blog. It's uncomfortable not to know how others will receive my thoughts and ideas. It's a little bit uncomfortable to commit to at least one new post each week. Thanks for holding me accountable.

Here we go.

The comfort zone is kind of like the sauna. Sure, you’re at the gym, and you may even be sweating, but you’re not getting any stronger.

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